Group Members

Principal Investigator


School of Engineering
Institute for Materials & Processes
The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh EH9 3DW, Scotland, UK



Tel: +44 (0)131-650-7793

Dr. Yi (Harvey) Huang

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Chemical Engineering (Google Scholar Citations: >2650; h-index: 24)


Topic Editor/Guest Editor of Membranes | An Open Access Journal from MDPI (2020 IF: 4.106)

Youth Editorial Board of Advanced Membranes (a new journal of Elsevier from October 2021)

Review Editor and Invited Guest Editor of Frontiers in Chemical Engineering


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

  • Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (advisor: Prof Huanting Wang), 2007-2011

  • CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia (co-advisor: Dr Anita J Hill), 2009-2011

  • The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, United States (exchange study advisor: Prof Michael Tsapatsis), 2010-2011


Adv. Dip. in Economics (Dual-Degree Program), Harbin Engineering University, 2003-2006

B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Harbin Engineering University, 2002-2006


Postdoctoral Training:

Georgia Institute of Technology (with Profs Krista Walton & David Sholl, 2015-2017); The University of South Carolina (with Prof Miao Yu, 2013-2015); The University of Oklahoma (with Prof Daniel Resasco, 2012-2013)



  • Chemical Reaction Engineering 4/MSc (CHEE10008/PGEE10025) - Course Organiser

  • Chemical Engineering Design: Projects 4 (CHEE10002) - Project Supervision

  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory 3 (CHEE09016) - Course Instructor
  • Chemical Engineering Study Project 4 (CHEE10009) - Project Supervision

  • Chemical Engineering Industrial Project 5 (CHEE11014) - Project Supervision

  • Chemical Engineering Research Project 5 (CHEE11017) - Project Supervision

  • Advanced Chemical Engineering Dissertation (MSc) (PGEE11151) - Project Supervision


Research Interests

Nanofabrication of porous materials and study of their growth/crystallization mechanisms;

adsorption and membrane materials; ultrathin inorganic/hybrid membranes/films/coatings;

gas separation (membrane and adsorption-based); drinking water purification; wastewater treatment and desalination; catalytic bio-oil upgrading; novel controlled delivery systems for small drug delivery

Lab Technician (Nanomaterials Labs)


Mr Fergus Dingwall

Technician (started on  01/05/2018)

Awards: Winner of Scottish Government postgraduate scholarship 2014

01/01/2016-01/05/2018    Senior Assistant Scientist, Bioanalysis, Charles River Laboratories
01/09/2014-01/09/2015   MSc Instrumental and Analytical Sciences, Robert Gordon University (with Distinction)
01/08/2009-01/08/2014  Practicing Pharmacist, Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire
01/09/2004-01/05/2008 Masters in Pharmacy, Robert Gordon University



Current Postdocs and PhD Students

Ms Ting Chen

PhD Candidate (Started on 01/08/2018)

Awards: Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarship and Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

08/2018-Present  PhD in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

09/2016-06/2018 Master in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Southwest Petroleum University

09/2011-06/2016  B.Eng in Applied Chemistry (UK First Class equivalent), Southwest Petroleum University


Research Interests

  • Bioinspired Materials and Membranes for Energy-Efficient Liquid Separation 





Ms Allana Lewis

PhD Candidate (started on  01/09/2018)

Awards: UoE Full School Scholarships


09/2018-Present  PhD in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

07/2015-07/2018  BSc in Chemistry, the University of the West of Scotland (First-Class Honours)


Research Interests

  • Advanced Hierarchical Nanostructures: Rational Design for Sustainable Adsorption and Separation 





R 4880--4x6 - Copy - Copy copy.jpg


Mr Fraz Saeed Butt

PhD Candidate  (started on 1st Nov. 2018)

Awards: scholarships from HEC and UoE


10/2018-Present     PhD in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

09/2014-09/2018   Lecturer (Research Associate), Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology (Pakistan)

04/2011-07/2014     M.Sc Chemical and Energy Engineering, Otto-von-Guericke Universität (Germany)

12/2005-05/2010   B.Sc Chemical Engineering (UK First Class equivalent), University of the Punjab (Pakistan)


Research Interests

  • Ultrathin Nanostructured Membranes for Efficient Gas Separation







Ms Xiuming Wei

PhD Candidate (started on 02/09/2019)

Awards: Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarship and Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship


From 09/2019       PhD in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

09/2017-06/2018  MSc in Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

09/2013-07/2017  BSc in Environmental Science  (UK First Class equivalent), Beijing Normal University


Research Interests

  • Sustainable Lithium Mining and Recycling using Membrane Technology






Ms Nurul Ain Binti Mazlan

PhD Candidate (started on 01/11/2019)

Awards: Excellent Student Scholarships (Sponsored by Malaysia)

From 10/2019       PhD in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

2015-2018               MSc, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

2011-2015             BSc in Industrial Chemical Technology (with First Class), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia


Research Interests

  • Novel nanostructured materials for distinguishing molecules and ions with a small size difference








Mr Zheng Chen  

PhD Candidate (started on 01/10/2020), co-supervised with Dr Leonardo RIOS SOLIS


From 10/2020       PhD in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
09/2018-09/2019  MRes in Green Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London
08/2016-06/2018  BSc in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield

Research Interests

  • Design, fabrication and modification of nanostructured materials for VOCs adsorption





thumbnail_Ding Liang.jpg


Ms Liang Ding 

PhD Candidate (started on 02/09/2019), co-supervised with Sam Lau (Principle Supervisor)


From 09/2019       PhD in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
09/2017-06/2018  MSc in Applied Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China
09/2013-06/2017  BSc in Polymer Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China

Research Interests

  • update soon





Master and Undergraduate Students


Mr Abhijit Wickramasinghe

Master (visiting), joined in Feb 2019

02/2019-Present   Visting Master Student, the University of Edinburgh

09/2016-Present   MSc in Nano-Materials Science, Utrecht University (Netherlands) 


Research Interests

  • Ultrathin MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks) Membrane

  • Zeolite Nanosheets





Mr John Papaspiliou

Master (MEng), joined in Nov 2018

10/2016-Present   Master (enrolled) in Chemical Engineering, the University of Edinburgh


Research Interests​​

  • Direct Air Capture of CO2 Using Supported Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets Sorbents





Ms Yue (Chloe) Zhang

Master (MSc), joined in Nov 2018

11/2016-Present   Master (enrolled) in Chemical Engineering, the University of Edinburgh


Research Interests​​

  • Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheet Membranes for CO2 Capture




Past Group Members and Visitors

Prof. Hui Wang

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Research Interests

  • Catalytic Reforming of Green House Gases (GHG)

  • Hydrogen Recovery Technologies from H2S

  • Atomic Effective Catalysis Research                                       

Mr Zhipeng Chen (03/2018 - 09/2018)

Visiting Scholar, joined in Mar 2018

09/2016-Present   Master (enrolled) in Chemical Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology

09/2012-06/2012  B.Eng in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology


Research Interests

  • Hierarchically structured zeolites for efficient catalytic reactions

  • Ultrathin MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks) Membranes



Ms Tamara Matic (05/2018 - 08/2018)

Visiting Postgraduate student

2017-Now  Master in Material Engineering, University of Belgrade

2013-2017 BSc Hons in Chemical engineering (UK First Class equivalent), University of Belgrade


Research Interests

  • Ultrathin Membranes Composed of 2D Materials 





Mr Kyle Mallon (06/2018 - 08/2019)

Undergraduate student

The University of Edinburgh


Research Interests

  • Biomimetic Materials for Efficient Oil/Water Separation